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Showing from November 27th through December 19th, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00PM
Saturday matinee December 5th at 3:00PM

"The Wells family really wants to be together for Christmas. Idealistic Amy is home from college, former thespian, Grandpa, is full of spunk and ready to entertain. Kimmie is on the roof of the tree house communning with the birds as a hot letter from her principal rests in her backpack. Dad is desperately trying to make it home from across the nation, limping along from one obscure town to another experiencing slice after slice of quirky Americana and. . .what’s going on with mom?"



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Inferno! Fire at the Cocoanut Grove

The Core Theatre is taking "Inferno! Fire at the Cocoanut Grove" to Boston. We need your help to get there. More information is available on our Go Fund Me page.