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Showing from May 7th through May 23rd, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00PM
Saturday matinee May 16th at 3:00PM

A reporter looking for a story as an entre into journalism interviews a duo of homeless men. On the way to discovering herself as a writer, she discovers the meaning of home. A unique view into an often all too invisible culture.


Showing from June 18th through July 11th, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00PM
Saturday matinee July 4th at 3:00PM

Journey with two boys on an interplanetary adventure as they are unwillingly drawn into a cosmic struggle that has spanned thousands of years.


Showing from August 13th through September 5th, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00PM
Saturday matinee August 29th at 3:00PM

Meet Stanton Presley: a CEO and giant pain in the backside who mysteriously relocates his headquarters to an abandoned Texaco station in Blessing, Texas. He hires local librarian, Alice, as his secretary. However, he gets more than he bargained for in Alice, and his plans are hilariously upset when small town gossip and crossed telephone lines lead to his ordination as the "pastor" of a new church.


Showing from October 8th through October 31st, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00PM
Saturday matinee October 24th at 3:00PM

Homicide detective John Nobles views his latest case, a man’s body mangled by a mysterious something. DNA tests identify the killer as part human and part wolf. Seeking the help of a psychiatrist that specializes in the occult, he finds answers and an intelligent woman that affects him in a way he never expected. Are Werewolves real? Is there a subculture that comes out in the light just long enough to kill?


Showing from November 19th through December 19th, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00PM
Saturday matinee December 5th at 3:00PM

Indians, outlaws, storms and wars, this play is an historical look at the early days of Plano through the eyes of Miss Gladys Young, a spit fire of a Texas pioneer woman, who lived in a way that enriched many lives through her love of humanity and God. The play spans Texas and Plano history from the mid 1800’s to Miss Gladys’ death in 1998.


Inferno! Fire at the Cocoanut Grove

The Core Theatre is taking "Inferno! Fire at the Cocoanut Grove" to Boston. We need your help to get there. More information is available on our Go Fund Me page.

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