Battle of Blair Mountain

by Rusty Harding

Showing from September 14th through September 29th, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00PM
Sunday matinees September 16th and September 23rd at 3:00PM

The Battle of Blair Mountain was the largest labor uprising in United States history and one of the best-organized, and most well-armed revolts since the American Civil War. For nine days from August 24 to September 2, 1921, in Logan County, West Virginia, some 15,000 armed coal miners confronted 2,000 lawmen and strikebreakers, called the Logan Defenders. The "Defenders" were backed by coal mine operators during an attempt by the miners to unionize the southwestern West Virginia coalfields. The battle ended after approximately one million rounds were fired, and the United States Army intervened by presidential order. This fictionalized account of a little known historical event will put you in the heart of the war. Today the battle still goes on over that very mountain.

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