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Artistic Director/Founder, James Hansen Prince, had his first taste of acting as a child at Chris Wilson's Actor's Theatre in Houston, Texas. He later earned his B.A. in Theater from the University of Texas at Dallas. In the 1980's he steadily worked in theaters throughout the DFW and Houston areas. His passion for acting continued to thrive as he progressed into television and film.

From 1993 - 1994 he had his own traveling theatre company, "Theatre on the Square," in Houston, Texas. In 2008 James and his family moved back to the Dallas area. After a long hiatus from acting and many life experiences under his belt, he was not only ready to return to acting, but to tell the stories that were welling up within him. In July of 2008 he held a public reading of his first play, A Reason to Believe. Soon after he wrote a musical titled, Never Alone. In 2009 he filed for 501C-3 status and The Core Theatre was born. Without a permanent space, initially the theatre was a traveling entity, holding performances in a local church and at the Cox Playhouse in Plano, Texas. In January of 2012, James signed the lease for the current home of The Core Theatre, 518 W. Arapaho Rd., Ste. 115 in Richardson, Texas. With six thousand dollars and in six weeks to get tickets selling, the interior of the building was stripped, the ceiling raised three feet, audience risers built, light grid hung, tech booth built, bathroom added, set built, show rehearsed and ready for opening the day we received our Certificate of occupancy. An amazing feat.

James has written 9 full-length plays including, Mother, Middle America and MenBehind the Cotton Curtain: Remembering Medgar EversA Debt that led to Home, and Inferno! Fire at the Cocoanut Grove: 1942. In February of 2016, The Core Theatre produced James's play, Inferno! Fire at the Cocoanut Grove: 1942, for a 6 week run at The Boston Center for the Arts just one half mile from the site of the Cocoanut Grove Night Club fire.

In addition to James' prolific writing, he has directed several new productions from local playwrights along with other well known plays. You can see his film and T.V. work on the IMDB web site (link).


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