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Distinctly Christian Dance

The Core Theatre Dance is a Christian dance studio. Our desire is to skillfully train up students to use the gifts that God has poured into them to honor Him. Each individual is uniquely created by God and we like to challenge each dancer to achieve her highest potential in dance and life. Dance is a very powerful tool to communicate the messages of salvation, hope, and the joy in the Lord, and also to display His Word through movement and expression.

As we are a Christian studio, we begin with a prayer before every class. We use Christian and classical music, and at the end of class, after we bow to each other (ballet etiquette), we also bow to the Lord to honor Him and thank Him for His protection.


Dance Philosophy

We offer classical ballet and modern dance emphasizing clean, detailed technique along with artistry and expression. There are different schools of thought in teaching dance. Some studios focus on specific choreography to be used expressly for performances and competitions. Students trained in this environment can be very impressive in the individual choreography, but when requested to demonstrate true dance technique, they have no storehouse to draw from. Classical dance studios teach dance in the same way one would learn to read and write. The alphabet enables a person to spell words; words can be connected to form sentences, and sentences can be crafted to express thoughts in all levels of writing. A classical studio begins by teaching basic vocabulary and movement and builds upon skills learned. Trained in this fashion, a student has a rich treasury of movement to pull from and can be taught choreography more easily because she has a solid foundation based on proper body alignment and detailed skill execution. We adhere to this philosophy. It goes along with the saying, "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime."



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About Annette

Annette Prince is the Director of Dance at the Core Theatre. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Woman's University with a Bachelor of Science degree in dance. In the1990's she was an instructor for Christian Dance Center in Houston and performed with His Company International. She also had the opportunity to use dance in ministry in Russia and Italy, performing in churches, orphanages, children's camps, and at the Rome Expo. Annette loves to teach her students to explore their God-given gift in dance and to train them to use that gift for His glory. Annette has also included Barre' Fitness in her repertoire. She is excited to encourage other women in their pursuit of health and fitness with this creative and effective form of exercise.